Welcome to our Sunday Evening Service

You would be very welcome to join us on Sundays at 6:00 pm for prayer, study and worship.

For the month of August we will be looking at the temptations of Jesus.

The temptation of Christ is a biblical narrative detailed in the Gospel of Matthew.  After being baptised by John the Baptist, Jesus fasted for 40 days and nights in the Judean desert. During this time, Satan appeared to Jesus and tried to tempt him. Jesus having refused each temptation, Satan then departed and Jesus returned to Galilee to begin his ministry.

Sunday Evenings

Date Speaker Text Title
04 August Phil Waters Matthew 4: 1-4 Command these stones
11 August Gareth Pooley Matthew 4: 5-7 Don't test the Lord
18 August Tony Carter Matthew 4: 8-11 Worship and serve God alone
25 August Phil Waters Matthew 4: 12-14 Tempted yet not sinned