Welcome to our Sunday Evening Service

You would be very welcome to join us on Sundays at 6:30 for prayer, study and worship together as we study the book of Judges. Please take note that for the month of September we will be starting the evening services at 6:00 pm.

The theme of Judges is the downward spiral of Israel’s national and spiritual life into chaos and rebellion against God, showing the need for a godly king.

Purpose and Pattern

The book of Judges was written to show the consequences of religious unfaithfulness and to point the way to a king who, if righteous, would lead the people to God. In the book of Joshua, the people of Israel seemed to want to follow the Lord and obey his commands. The book of Judges reveals, however, that the people had been rebelling even in Joshua’s time. This disobedience continued and grew more serious throughout the period of the judges. As summarized in Judges 2:16–23, time and again Israel turned its back on God and embraced the gods and ways of the Canaanites. Israel’s history unfolds in a repetitive way, with each cycle taking Israel further away from God. By the end of the book, Israel had violated its covenant with God in almost every way imaginable.

Sunday Evenings

Date Speaker Text Title
12 August Phil Waters Judges 6: 33 – 40 Fleece of Faith or Fear?
19 August Phil Waters Judges 7: 1 – 25 Gideon's 300 Chosen Men
26 August Phil Waters Judges 8: 1 – 21 The Moanabites
02 September Phil Waters Judges 8: 22 – 35 The Sad Last Days of Gideon
09 September Simon Brewer Judges 9: 1 – 25 The Abimelech Conspirary
16 September Paul White
23 September Gareth Pooley Judges 11: 1 – 28 Jephthah the Ninth Judge
30 September Phil Waters Judges 11: 29 – 12: 7 Foolish Decision by a Godly Man